Acoustic Ceiling Contractors

Use our PLS 360, HVR 505 Red or Green Rotary Lasers or our PLS 180 to lay out T bar and grid. One button gives your self leveling laser a complete level laser line or reference all around the room.

PLS 180 Green Beam

All the multipurpose benefits of our most popular PLS 180 with the added visibility boost 

The PLS HVR 505G is a compact, Green Beam laser designed for long range interior layout projects.

The PLS HVR 505R is a compact, mid range laser designed for light commercial, residential, and remodeling projects. Horizontal and vertical applications. 

The PLS180 is a simple, easy solution for short and mid-range interior and exterior horizontal and...

The PLS 360 is a bright, continuous 360 degree horizontal line laser.  

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