With a PLS laser and a little thought you can reduce your layout time dramatically. Use your PLS 3, PLS 4, or the PLS 180 laser to determine reference points and lines down and up for each light, per dimensioned plans. How much time would it take you to lay out 50 lights in a vaulted ceiling with two people and a plumb bob? Install conduit, raceways, fixtures, and more. 

PLS 180 Green Beam

All the multipurpose benefits of our most popular PLS 180 with the added visibility boost 

PLS 3 Green Beam

Increased visibility for the more demanding point-to-point layout tasks for the...

This hybrid combination of horizontal-vertical lines and plumb points will speed layout

The PLS180 is a simple, easy solution for short and mid-range interior and exterior horizontal and...


Layout vertical reference points faster than a traditional plumb bob. 

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