Horizontal and vertical layout with ability to plumb up and down

Full Description

This hybrid combination of horizontal-vertical lines and plumb points will speed layout

and installation for commercial electricians, HVAC-mechanical, staging and glazing contractors. 



  • Cross Line Accuracy: +/-1/8” @ 30 feet (+/-3mm @ 10 meters)
  • Point-to-Point Accuracy:  +/-1/4” @ 100 feet (+/-6mm @ 30 meters)
  • Working Range: +/-100 feet (outdoor w/detector)
  • Weight: 16 oz. (.45kg) (including batteries)
  • Power Supply: 3AA batteries alkaline or rechargeable
  • Dimensions: 2”x 2.5”x 4-3/8”
  • Leveling Range: +/-6 Degrees
  • Operating Time: +25 hours continuous use with single beam; 12.5 hours both beams

Class II Laser Product

What's Included

The PLS 4 Tool includes:

  • PLS 4 Laser Unit
  • PLS 4 Pouch
  • Magnetic Wall Bracket
  • Carrying Case
  • Floor Stand
  • Operating Manual
  • Batteries

The PLS 4 System includes:

  • Everything included with the Tool
  • SLD Laser Detector - only included with the PLS 4 System

Literature and Operating Manual



3 year manufacturer’s warranty from date of purchase 

Non-warranty exchange-trade in program

If your PLS laser cannot be covered under our warranty because of severe drops-abuse, battery corrosion-leakage, or old age; don’t worry. 
We have a unique exchange program that allows existing PLS customers to trade in their old, well used PLS laser for a brand new unit at a deep discount below the cost of a new PLS unit. 
We call it the “ETN” program and you can work with PLS directly or through your local authorized PLS dealer. ETN tools are new PLS tools - not reconditioned and carry a one year warranty. 


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With a PLS laser and a little thought you can reduce your layout time dramatically. Use your PLS 3, PLS 4, or the PLS 180 laser to determine reference points and lines down and up for each light, per dimensioned plans. How much time would it take you to lay out 50 lights in a vaulted ceiling with two people and a plumb bob? Install conduit, raceways, fixtures, and more. 

Metal Stud and Wood Framers
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Lay out and install track for commercial or residential projects. With the PLS 5 and our unique pendulum target or our PLS 480 with new universal adapter you can layout 90 degree angles in a fraction of the time. No more 3-4-5. Place your PLS laser directly over the outside edge of your bottom and top track. 



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Choose from an assortment of PLS laser tools to determine existing conditions and  lay out cabinetry fixtures, backsplash, mirrors, lights, tile, windows and more.

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